Empowering people to regain trust in communication

We are the worlds leaders in detection of video manipulations.


Our technology allows you to quickly verify authenticity of any video.

Our proprietory technology comes out of research in deep learning from top universities.

We look at both, the individual frames and the video in order to detect any flaw.

Our deep learning based models continuously improve by learning from user feedback to always stay at the edge.



The worlds leading video manipulation detector

Detect any manipulation made to a video

  • Automatic verification of authenticity.
  • Localisation and highlighting of manipulated content.
  • API to connect to Mantis from any software.
Try out the first ever fake video detector!


The first context-based video editor

Chameleon is an online based video editor powered by our context-based filter technology.

  • Semi-automated rotoscoping in videos thanks to our proprietory technology.
  • Cloud based solution for collaborative editing.
  • Runs in every browser blazingly fast.
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Out of our research

Automated Rotoscoping

What if rotoscoping would be as simple as just clicking on an object?

*Example using our fully automated rotoscoping technology running in real-time.

Context-based filtering

We are the first introducing context-based video filters.

*Example using our Context-Based filters. Left: original footage. Right: Lemon bottle replaced by peach bottle.


Try out our free App AntiBuddy which allows you to
remove unwanted people from your photos with a single touch.

*Example using Antibuddy 2.0. Left: Original image. Right: antibuddied person.


Our team consists of people passionate about striving to the edge with publications to well known software and hardware conferences in deep learning such as ICML and CICC.

Heiki Riesenkampf


Igor Susmelj


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Superman or Supergirl

Finding the right people believing in our vision has always been of upmost importance for us. If you're interested in joining us to fight video manipulations don't hesistate to get in touch!